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We provide a therapeutic and salutary change of scenery for those who lack the opportunity to leave an often repetitive environment. Our service allows users to revisit places dear to them using the most advanced virtual reality technology on the market..



According to the CDC there are more than sixteen million seniors living in nursing homes across the United States. Unfortunately many nursing home residents are unable to travel to places of personal significance due to a physical disability or restriction. Using a combination of our proprietary photogrammic capture and rendering process paired with the use of 360° cameras, we capture and render real world locations that can be explored in virtual reality, allowing senior citizens to travel around the world without ever leaving their room. We create custom virtual reality tours that allow our clients to virtually travel to significant places of their past and relive memories in a level of depth that is vastly different from photos and videos. We are capable of capturing and rendering interiors, exteriors and live events such as a wedding or graduation so that loved ones who are unable to travel to these events can experience them as if they were there. 



Our virtual experiences are not only visual but heavily implement music. We pair users with radio hits of their youth that play while they explore our virtual environments. We believe heavily in the power of music and melody and the amazing impact it can have in aiding the process of recalling experiences of our past. Read more about the relationship between memory and music here. If you would like to volunteer (Minneapolis, Minnesota) please sign up here. 

If you are interested in having us visit you or a loved one: Please Click Here.

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The Fight Against ALZHEIMER'S

With the help of the University of Saint Thomas, we are conducting research to study how the use of virtual reality to relive memories of one's past affects those suffering from early stage Alzheimer's Disease.  We are currently developing a new form of non-invasive treatment intended to benefit the general cognitive function and memory of adults over the age of 65 who suffer from this terrible disease. If you or someone you know are interested in participating in our research please continue here to our submission form

Please consider making a financial contribution to our cause here. This research has only been made possible by contributions from our patrons. 


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