Enzo Vinholi

Founder and CEO

"Our memories serve as portals to our past. We must do everything we can to preserve them but most importantly, it is crucial to find new ways to explore them."

While a high-school senior at Saint Paul Academy and Summit School in Minnesota, Enzo had an idea that would eventually develop into LIWY. Enzo's grandmother, a native of Brazil, experienced a series of strokes while Enzo was a child and thus was physically unable to return to the United States to visit. She would ask for photos and videos of Enzo's home to remind her how it looked and "felt". Enzo was determined to find a better way to help his grandmother "revisit" his home. An avid technology enthusiast, Enzo saw the potential application of virtual reality to help his grandmother travel to the United States without having to leave her room. Enzo developed a way to capture the interior of his house using what would eventual become our proprietary photogrammic capturing and rendering process. Enzo, being a volunteer at several local nursing homes, saw the need for this type of service from physically restricted senior residents. Enzo knew that this technology could help physically disabled/restricted individuals return to places of their past.  

Enzo is now working with the University of Saint Thomas to study the benefits of this service on general cognition and memory in adults over the age of 50. Together Enzo hopes that he can tailor this service to help those suffering from early stage Alzheimer's and other forms of Memory Loss.

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Lutalo Jones

Head of Volunteer Management

“As technology continues to develop, it is crucial that we focus on finding new ways to preserve our memories.”

Lutalo Jones is a freshman at Lake Forest College in Illinois. At age 18 Lutalo founded orcatribeproject.com , a news publication that promotes young artists from around the world. Lutalo also attended Saint Paul Academy and Summit School where he met Enzo Vinholi. Although not an original founder, Lutalo's input was crucial in the development of the service we offer at LIWY. Lutalo now manages volunteers in Minnesota and Illinois.

Learn more about Lutalo and his project here or click here to watch Orca Tribe's promotional video.

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