4k 360° Ultra HD Cameras


We use 360 degree cameras to capture panoramic and 360 degree photos and videos. Photos are stitched and developed into a full 3D environmental model using both proprietary and licensed software. These assets are then touched up, primarily for color correction and correlated stitching and are configured to be explored comfortably in VR.  

Our 360 degree videos are captured and touched up in post. In many cases, audio is implemented after the fact to include dialog/messages from family members along with time appropriate music and audio. 

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Oculus Rift and Dell Visor

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Our service is experienced using either an Oculus Rift or Dell Visor virtual reality device. These devices use a stereoscopic display along with sensor based motion tracking to emulate depth and trick the brain into thinking it is in an alternate environment. We utilize this technology to immerse users in our content. During our service, these devices are used to view 360 degree photos, videos and digitally rendered assets. 

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Oculus Rift - Click Here

Dell Visor - Click Here


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Proprietary Photogrammic Rendering Process 

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We use a proprietary Photogrammic rendering process to recreate portions of real world locations that have been significantlyaltered since the user last visited. We use a variety of third party technologies to render these models. To learn more about Photogrammetry and its applications, click here.